Friday, April 23, 2010

ESA: TTP2 - New navsat sensor, Oceanpal improves water monitoring

The start-up company Star2Earth, reared in the ESA Business Incubation Centre in the Netherlands, has developed the Oceanpal sensor based on ESA technology that uses navigation satellite signals reflected from a water surface to measure water levels and wave heights.

Oceanpal is already operational in Barcelona’s harbour, on Scheveningen pier in the Netherlands and at the LaBaells water reservoir in the Pyrenees.

Latest installation is on Lake Laja in Chile where Oceanpal will be used by the Energy company Endesa to plan its electricity production better.

Oceanpal is Star2Earth response to sea and lake surface monitoring.

It is a passive system using any available signals from navigation satellites such as GPS, EGNOS and future Galileo to deliver information about surface height and surface state.

The above figure illustrates the Oceanpal principle of measuring direct and indirect navigation satellite signals.

The final constellation of Europe's Galileo satellite navigation system Galileo will consist of 30 satellites

Credits: Star2EarthCredits: ESA / Starlab / Star2Earth / Google Earth

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