Wednesday, October 17, 2012

NASA ISS EVAs: Repair P6 Truss Radiator and Microbe-III Experiment

Commander Suni Williams and Flight Engineer Aki Hoshide configure spacewalk equipment in the Quest airlock. 

Credit: NASA TV

The Expedition 33 crew members living and working aboard the International Space Station made preparations for an upcoming spacewalk and worked with a variety of science experiments Wednesday.

Commander Suni Williams and Flight Engineer Aki Hoshide reviewed procedures with flight control teams and prepared equipment in the Quest airlock for an upcoming spacewalk.

During the EVA, Williams and Hoshide will venture out of the Quest airlock on to the exterior of the station to repair an ammonia leak in the P6 truss radiator.

Hoshide worked with the Microbe-III experiment, which monitors the abundance and diversity of fungi and bacteria in the Kibo module.

The results will be used to produce a microbiologically safe environment which is essential for a long-time stay in space.

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