Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Volcanic eruption: Stromboli Lava Flow on Sciara del Fuoco

The activity at Stromboli has lately increased, over the holidays. Since 23 December small lava overflows occurred from the eastern crater area and produced lava flows with varying length on the upper part of the Sciara del Fuoco (360deg view).

Yesterday afternoon and evening, it looked as if the lava flow had increased and extended on a good portion of the Sciara where lava blocks detaching from the flow rolling down created a dense incandescent stream.

It is still unclear whether the flows come from a new vent at the eastern crater terrace or whether they are overflows of lava from an existing vent.

The seismic activity has increased and in addition to the tremor, explosion and rockfall, signals are elevated as well.

Such lava (over-)flows from the crater are usually relatively short-lived, but come often in phases.

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