Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Space Launch Workers Badly Burned in Electrical Explosion at Vandenberg Air Force Base

Two workers for a company that launches spacecraft for the U.S. government were seriously injured in an electrical explosion at Vandenberg Air Force Base on the California coast.

The United Launch Alliance said in a statement that the two employees were transferred Monday to a Los Angeles hospital that specializes in treating burn victims.

Reports confirm that the two were working at Space Launch Complex 6, where a Delta IV rocket is being prepared for an August launch, when an “arc flash” occurred.

Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center (Los Angeles) 
The Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center, also known as the LAC+USC Burn Center, is one of three burn centers located in the Los Angeles area.

This center is a teaching hospital that also houses a number of other injury-specific centers, such as pediatric and coronary care.

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