Saturday, November 9, 2013

NASA MARS Curiosity Rover Images: Conspiracy Theory regarding Iguana rocks

According to several UFO websites, the image is in fact a fossilised iguana on the Martian surface.

The mysterious object was first spotted by UFO Sightings Daily who uncovered the photograph in Nasa’s archives.

‘This is not the first animal found on Mars, actually there have been about 10-15 to date,’ Mr Warring told news site

‘I even found a rock that moved four times in four photos...then vanished on the fifth.’

This iguana-shaped rock is seen on the top right of this image.

It would be easy to miss, but the keen eye of Scott C. Warin, was able to spot the iguana rock in several photos taken by the Mars Curiosity rover

In May, a science blogger claimed to have spotted a lizard meandering around Mars.

The unknown spotter from Japan alerted Mr Warin of the unusual sight.

The claim, posted on UFO Sightings Daily, caused some excitable conspiracy theorists to fear that Nasa could be planting life on the planet for scientific testing.

'With water existing on Mars in small amounts, it’s possible to find such desert animals wandering around...although very rare mind you,’ Mr Waring wrote on his site.

Unusual: A science blogger with a keen eye claims to have spotted a lizard meandering around Mars

‘Then again, is Nasa placing animals from tiny cyogenic chambers inside the rover onto the surface of Mars to conduct tests?' he continued.

Curiosity landed on Mars on August 6, 2012, and has spent its time investigating and analysing the landscape and geology of the red planet.

The $2.5 billion rover was sent to the planet to assess if the planet most like Earth has or ever had the chemical ingredients and environments for microbial life.

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