Thursday, January 30, 2014

DigitalGlobe IKONOS-2 Images: Sochi Winter Olympics Sites From Space

This DigitalGlobe satellite image shows the 2014 Winter Olympics village in Sochi, Russia

Image Credit: DigitalGlobe

Here's a view of the Olympics only the astronauts can get.

New satellite imagery shows the sprawling sporting venues and slopes that will host the world's best athletes next week when the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia begin.

The recent photos come from DigitalGlobe, a commercial company based in Colorado that provides high-resolution images of the planet, using a variety of satellites, including IKONOS-2.

Ikonos-2 is an imaging satellite of GeoEye (formerly Space Imaging Inc., before the acquisition by ORBIMAGE) providing high-resolution imagery on a commercial basis. 

With Ikonos-2, a new era of 1m spatial resolution imagery began for spaceborne instruments in the field of civil Earth observation. 

The Ikonos satellite system was built by LMMS (Lockheed Martin Missiles & Space) of Sunnyvale, CA (USA).

Image Credit: ESA

This DigitalGlobe satellite image shows the 2014 Winter Olympics event slopes in Sochi, Russia

Both these images were collected Jan. 2, 2014. 

Image Credit: DigitalGlobe

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