Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Immersive Virtual Robotics: 3D Interaction with industrial robots

In the Laboratory for Computational Sensing and Robotics at Johns Hopkins University, we have developed a prototype system for programming and interacting with an industrial robot using an immersive virtual interface.

We hope this technology will eventually make it easier for small businesses to program industrial robots faster, and with less waste.

We use the Oculus Rift for stereo display and head tracking as well as the Razor Hydra for motion control.

The user can move and program either a simulation of the robot, or use the simulation as a proxy to control the robot live.

The user can also interact with interactive 3D virtual widgets, such as menus and other objects to help program the robot, or give it information about its environment.

This project is part of an ongoing project at Hopkins CIRL : the Immersive Virtual Robotics Environment (IVRE).

Visit John Hopkins Robotics for more information.

Below is a video offering alternatives to the Oculus Rift system used here.


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