Monday, April 21, 2014

Personal Transport: The electric scooter

The electric Zero Scooter is hand-built in Spain by design studio Bel & Bel — on a full charge, it can get as far as 22 miles and it has a top speed of 12.4mph, similar to the Commute-Case.

The bike can tackle slopes up to a 30 degree angle and thanks to its Segway-style design it can turn around on the spot (handy for those congested city streets).

You can specify your own paint colour and custom graphics for the Zero Scooter, and it will set you back €3,000 — that comes out at around £2,483.

Bel & Bel knows what it's doing though, as the company specialises in converting old Vespa parts into furniture, art and other prototypes.

These scooters are available in limited numbers, so get in quick if you find them appealing.

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