Thursday, May 29, 2014

NASA XSENS ForceShoe: A sophisticated exercise device

NASA might be famous for putting man into space, but it’s now making headlines with its revolutionary sandal design.

The sandals, called XSENS ForceShoe, have been flown up with a crew of Russian, German and US astronauts to the International Space Station and will be used by the spacemen to help better understand the forces placed on an explorer’s body in different atmospheres.

Advanced Resistive Exercise Device (ARED) is a sophisticated exercise device,” said Andrea Hanson, Ph.D. and ISS Exercise Hardware Specialist.

“Although it has helped NASA provide better health outcomes for crew members, there is still progress to be made in understanding the effects of exercise on bone and muscle health, and the XSENS ForceShoe will help us do that.”

"Hanson went on to add:“As we prepare for future missions to asteroids, Mars and beyond, we need to think about minimizing and miniaturising equipment because spacecraft will be smaller."

"The XSENS ForceShoe is a great example of the way we can shrink some of our research tools for future missions."

As time continues the research completed with the shoes could prove more valuable as astronauts discover new planetary services on which to walk.

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