Thursday, August 21, 2014

SpaceX's Dragon V2 Manned Spacecraft

Revealed on May 29, 2014, SpaceX's Dragon Version 2 capsule can carry a crew of seven astronauts to the International Space Station. 

The reusable Dragon is designed to last for up to 10 flights before needing significant refurbishment.

The capsule lands on the ground using its 16,000-pound thrust SuperDraco rocket engines and landing legs, with parachutes also on board as a backup.

Dragon V2 opens its nosecone to reveal its docking hatch for mating with the International Space Station. The capsule seats seven astronauts.

A control panel is folded out of the way until needed.

A steering joystick and physical buttons for critical functions occupy the center section of the control panel.

For landing, Dragon uses its eight SuperDraco rocket engines to touch down at a designated landing field.

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