Sunday, June 21, 2009

China increases cyber attack on Netherlands

There has been substantial increase in cyber-attacks on .NL sites across Netherlands and Europe since the arrival of the Dalai Llama and NL's support for his issues.

Many national institutions across Netherlands are reporting an increase of government backed hacking attempts, Denial-of-Service attacks (DOS) and the intrusion of malicious Malware on their NL sites. This is meant to cause the maximum disruption of services and to damage the commerce and reputation of corporate and governmental institutions.

The overt political atmosphere and diplomatic relationship between China and the Netherlands has suffered rapid deterioration over the last few weeks, culminating in the expansion of covert maneuvers designed to undermine the Netherlands IT, Telecoms and Financial infrastructure.

The advice coming out of all sectors is to increase protection measures on .NL public domains, block enquiries by country, make sure your anti-virus and malware software is up to date. If you don't have anti-virus or malware protection, then now is the time to source some.

Remember to be very selective with your anti-virus and malware software providers. Many of the 'free' or 'shareware' applications are emerging as very good and smart but, you may also be signing up to a 'grey' provider, who are just as likely to infect your site as they are to protect it.

The internet and its use as a global vehicle for freedom of speech and an outlet for discourse, is being attacked by those forces that would stifle open-ness, truth and the civil rights of it's people. They cannot be allowed to expand their tyranny into this realm. Civil liberties are in peril!

The high price of that freedom, has always been and will always be, eternal vigilance. Build those Firewalls high! The enemy is at the Gates!

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