Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mooseville Alaska: Wild Area Networking

Bull Moose in Anchorage, Alaska

Question? If the Boss calls you into his/her office and tells you that you're being transferred to run application support in the Anchorage branch.

Do you:
a) Laugh hysterically in his/her face, hoping to hell that its a joke;
b) Call the wife and tell her to pack up the kids, duvets, blankets, shotgun, etc. because you're moving north of the border;
c) Start training for the "Running of the Reindeer";
d) Take heart in the fact that Anchorage, on average, receives less annual snowfall than Syracuse, N.Y.;
e) Immediately resign your post and look for employment elsewhere, because you're not sure about seeing moose in the traffic jams, supermarkets and crowded parking lots.

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