Thursday, April 10, 2014

Human Spaceflight, Space Tourism and Habitation: Hotels in Space

Utilising existing technology and sustainably housing humans in space is a seemingly futuristic concept that already has its wheels in motion today.

Canadian Space company Tasha9503 is designing hotels to put into low Earth orbit (LEO) using used rocketry and the available technology of today.

Orbital colonisation is the next step for humanity.

Exploration is in our nature and settling amongst the stars inside orbital habitats is a method through which this can be achieved.

Constant human presence in space has already been established through the International Space Station (ISS), which has housed humans continually ever since its first crew in 2000.

This powerhouse of scientific research is the product of international cooperation between 15 nations and is a powerful testament to our potential in space.

By unlocking this potential capability to work together both on and off of our home planet has been demonstrated and in turn gives rise to a plethora of new orbital habitat concepts that may one day become a reality.

To live in space sustainably, cost needs to be low and reusability must be a key component. This will allow maximum utility to be gained from the grand endeavour.

One such concept that focuses on reusing existing components is HotelsInSpace by Tasha9503, which aims to put great numbers of people in space at a low cost.

The company will build spaceships from specially designed used rockets, which are capable of lifting 6 satellite payloads and up to 200 paying customers.

This ambitious plan arose after the founder Trevor Cooper heard somebody mention that they would like a spaceship in which their children could mine smelt forge at the Asteroid Belt, manufacture living accommodations on site, whilst continuing to study the cosmos. And so, HotelsInSpace was born.

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