Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Quantum Physicists teleport photon over 15 miles

Professor Nicolas Gisin and his team have successfully teleported a photon over 15 miles in its quantum state.

The Swiss team of scientists aimed to transport the photon into a crystal without the two touching, and they did just that.

Nicolas Gisin
The same team were able to accomplish this in 2003, but they were only able to teleport the light a little less than four miles.

The reporting of the accomplishment can be found in the latest issue of Nature Photonics.

In May of 2012, a team of scientists was able to teleport a photon between two Canary islands, at a distance of roughly 88 miles.

In both situations optical fibre was used to carry the light particle.

"The next step is satellite-based quantum teleportation, which should enable quantum communication on a global scale."

"We have now taken a major step in this direction and will use our know-how in an international cooperation, which involves our colleagues at the Chinese Academy of Sciences."

Anton Zeilinger
"The goal is to launch a 'quantum satellite mission'," physicist Anton Zeilinger said at the time. Dr. Anton Zeilinger is Prof of Physics at Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information, Vienna.

Forbes claims a satellite-based quantum teleportation could result in highly advanced quantum internet devices.

More Information:
"Quantum teleportation from a telecom-wavelength photon to a solid-state quantum memory" Félix Bussières, Christoph Clausen, Alexey Tiranov, Boris Korzh, Varun B. Verma, Sae Woo Nam, Francesco Marsili, Alban Ferrier, Philippe Goldner, Harald Herrmann, Christine Silberhorn, Wolfgang Sohler, Mikael Afzelius & Nicolas Gisin author Nature Photonics (2014) doi:10.1038/nphoton.2014.215

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