Thursday, November 13, 2014

ESA Rosetta team broadcast new pictures from Philae lander

Prof Jean Pierre Bibring (CNES) ESA Rosetta science team leader at the ESA update broadcast revealing new pictures from Philae lander sitting on the Comet 67/P.

The Philae is sitting close to a rocky cliff like structure, with 2 legs out of three on firm surface. The surface appears to be rocky not powdery.

The instruments on Philae are firing up to gather as much science data as possible while the onboard matteries are running.

Given that the Philae may be sitting on partial shade there is some doubt as to whether the solar panels can be deployed to extend the power cycle of the instruments' data gathering.

Prof Ulamec (DLR) of the ESA Rosetta team shows the approx area (the blue diamond) that the team believe Philae is located, on the comet.

There is some concern that is in the shade of a cliff-like structure.

The ESA team are under great pressure to produce pictures and data from the comet and this is clearly showing up in the professional but sleep deprived presentations.

Short animated sequence showing Philae leaving Rosetta on its descent to Comet 67/P.

This image from Rosetta shows a tiny dot that is the Philae lander in transit to comet 67/P. 

This is a composite picture made up of the others (above) showing an almost panaramic view around Philae.

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