Monday, February 17, 2014

MARS Simulation mission completes successfully

Credit: Kai Staats

Ashley Dale, a PhD student in Aerospace engineering, led a team of seven experts on the two week mission to the Mars Desert Research Station [MDRS] in Utah.

Michaela Musilova
The team included two fellow PhD students from Bristol University, Michaela Musilova, an expert in astrobiology and geomicrobiolgy, and Sue Ann Seah, who works in haptic and spacesuit design engineering.

The aims of the expedition were to conduct research that would help prepare for future missions and to publicise the importance of space travel to Mars.

Sue Ann Seah
The team conducted a range of experiments, including successfully field-testing hardware developed at NASA that extracts hydrogen and oxygen from soil.

This technology could potential use naturally occurring resources on Mars to generate breathable air, drinkable water and rocket fuel for return to Earth.

This will dramatically reduce the weight and cost of future space missions.

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